Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drum Roll Please...

I specifically wanted to designate a post to talk about our wedding party and the people closest to us :) This is such a special time for us that we wanted to share this day with the people that we love! Each person has a special place in our lives and we feel so privileged they will share this day with us! So here it is:

My Matron of Honor is...Danielle Lawrence!

Bridesmaids are...
Kristin Burleson (my cousin from Dallas)
Alysha Yung (Brandon's sister)
Dee Carlson (Brandon's sister-in-law)
Elisha Swope (My Roomie)
Channing Herrington soon to be in a month Mastroly :) (My Roomie)

Brandon's Best Man is...Tyson Carlson! (Brandon's Brother)

Groomsmen are...
Tyler Yung (Brandon's brother-in-law)
Derek Cochran (my brother)
Zach Mastroly (Our friend...soon to marry Channing!)
Daniel Gubichuk (Brandon's childhood friend)
Khanh Pham (Brandon's work buddy)

I have to say that we are going to have the cutest ring bearer and flower girl ever! I'm not partial or anything but they both will be 3 at this time and are so precious!

Our flower girl is Makenna Burleson! (My cousin Kristin's daughter)
Our ring bearer is Braedyn Carlson! (Brandon's nephew)

Here are a few pics of these wonderful people :)
Danielle and I met in Hygiene School and became the best of friends. We helped each other survive school and pass with flying colors! A lot of people don't understand what we went through but I could always count on her to help me through it!
Alysha is Brandon's little sister and her husband Tyler! We have a lot of fun with them and they happened to be there for the proposal :)
Tyson, Dee and Braedyn Carlson- my future family! Such a cute family! Brandon's always been close to his brother so it's only fitting he be his best man! Dee is our realtor :) She definitely has done a lot for us lately! Thanks Dee!
Kristin and Makenna Burleson! I just love them so much and wish I could see them more often! Kristin and I have always been close and I was able to share her big day with her and can't wait for her to share it with me!
These are my Roomies Channing and Elisha :) I've been friends with Elisha since high school and we met Channing 3 years ago from a mutual friend ;) hahaha These girls mean so much to me and can't imagine the wedding day without them! We are currently getting ready for Channing's wedding in a month! Woot Woot!
This is my brother! Brandon and Derek grew up playing sports together. When Brandon asked him to be in the wedding his response was, "Yeah, I was told I had to." That is so my brother haha
Channing and Zach :) The biggest Wichita State Shocker fans I know! We've had a lot of fun hanging out as couples! They are getting married April 30th so I'm sure I will learn a lot from their wedding to help prepare me for ours!

These are a few of the people that will play a big role in our special day! Thanks for being there for us! We love you!!!!


  1. "Mutual Friend" :) Love it. What a cute idea to introduce the people of your wedding-- I am so excited!

  2. haha I had to put it nicely and only a few people would understand :) I'm so glad you're going to apart of this!