Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Proposal...12/10/10

Ok now on to the proposal...
He always thought proposing under the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center would be romantic and something that I would love (because I love Christmas so much!) On that Friday, we started our bus tour and happened to look at the bus stops and Brandon noticed that the last stop was in Rockefeller Center (Perfect!) For the first part of the day, Tyler, Brandon's brother-in-law, had the ring in is pocket then half-way through the day Brandon got the ring from him. Brandon was worried I would notice the ring box in his pocket so he made sure I was sitting on the opposite side everywhere we went. When we finally pulled up to Rockefeller Center, it was dark and there were hundreds and hundreds of people around the tree. Brandon said we needed to take a picture by the tree so we trudged through the people and as we got close to the tree, a huge group of people moved and left a big open area for us to take a picture. We gave our cameras to Tyler and Alysha (Brandon's sister) to take our picture and after they took it, Brandon started hugging me and saying nice things. At first, I didn't know what was going on until he unzipped his coat to get the ring box. When he was unzippping his coat my response was, "Are you serious?" I think I said that at least 3 times. He finally got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes and cried a lot. And to top off this fairy tale proposal, after he put the ring on my finger, it started snowing! I'm not joking, it really did snow! I was totally shocked and wasn't expecting it at all! I would have bet my life that he wasn't going to do it. Only a few people knew that he was going to. Obviously, Tyler and Alysha did and my roommate Channing and her fiance Zach knew because Brandon had asked if Channing could figure out what ring size I was. Brandon did ask my dad's blessing the week before we left and my mom figured it out and pestered my dad until he told her. So she knew a week before it happened but Brandon's parents didn't know until we called them after it had happened. Brandon wanted it to be a surprise for everyone!

I feel so lucky to have Brandon in my life and couldn't imagine what I would do without him. He makes me so happy and makes me laugh all the time! I love him soooo much!
Here are some pics :)


  1. I love your pictures but I love you guys more!!!

  2. I'm so glad you are posting pictures too! So happy and can't wait to hear more about the planning process.. (as I go through my planning-certification process!!)

  3. Yay! I found your blog through Elisha and it's so cute! I love the pictures :) It was good seeing you Saturday!

    If you want to read my wedding planning blog, it's and my newlywed blog is :)

  4. Oh boo, the links didn't work I don't think. You should be able to find them by clicking my name/looking at my profile.